Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday November 8th

WOD:  In Teams of Three
18 min running clock

200m run
AMRAP burpee box jump overs 24"/20"
AMRAP overhead walking lunges #45/25

Scott and I did this with Danielle, and it was a tough workout.  I thought the burpee box jump overs would be the hardest, but the it was actually the lunges that was a killer for all three of us.  We used the 20" box and carried a 25 lb weight overhead for the lunges.  We kept track of all our reps and reported them off to each other as we switced stations.  The run was like a rest!  LOL.  Total reps between the burpee box jumps and lunges was:  422.  Not bad!  We were about middle of the road compared to the other teams.

This week was a hard one.  I did go on Thursday, but I hated the work out and I am not going to record it.  I have been extremely sore between Wed and Thurs and that is one reason why the lunges were hard for me today.  My arms and quads are torn up.  I will have two days off now because of work and my body needs it, so I won't complain.

This week I am going to work on losing 4 lbs, so I am really going to work on doing the crossfit box diet and see how it works.

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