Sunday, November 9, 2014

Block Meal Plan

Tomorrow I am going to start the Crossfit Block Meal Plans, which closely resemebles the Zone Diet.  This isn't a diet, but a way of planning meals according to your body type and energy needs, and to enhance fat burning and physical performance.

Here is a link to the meal plan:

I consider myself a medium sized female, so I will be following the 3 block meal plan.  It can be challenging for me to eat properly when I am at work.  I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts and I am not always able to eat on a regular schedule.  I am going to do my best by planning ahead and having my meals prepared the night before so I am not scrambling in the morning.

I am weighing in at 134.8 lbs right now.  I have only lost about 4 lbs since starting crossfit, but I know I have gained muscle weight.  My goal right now is to get down to 130 and then re-evaluate whether or not I need to loose any more weight.

I am also considering moving the blog to Wordpress, but haven't yet decided.  If I do, I will make a post with a link.  Even though I know no one reads this, as it is simply for my own benefit and record keeping!  Lol

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