Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Oct 21st

Strength:  Hang Power Snatch
3 reps x 7, rest 2 min

55lbs (10lb weight increase)

WOD:  "Helen"
3 Rounds
400 meter run
21 kettle bell swings #53/35
12 pull ups

Time was 10:50, 35lb kettle bell.

My pull ups were broken all three rounds.  I should have used a band with more resistance for help since we were doing so many reps and the rounds were to be unbroken.  Now I know!  My time would have been better.  I have the running and swings down, now I really need to work on my pull ups.  Hang power snatches are also hard for me.  Today the trainer, Kyle, did a really great job at going over the movements and form, so I was able to improve my form and increase my weight today.

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